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The Strategy4startup Canvas: a circle with three parts inside (Market Positioning, Product Positioning, Goto Market)


Startup founders, you do need a strategy to guide you towards your vision.

We help you to define and validate this strategy in order to quickly find the best way to succeed.

Start here!

We help:



Wanting to achieve product-market fit and create real market traction.

Incubators & Accelerators

Incubators & Accelerators

Wanting to help their startup teams quickly find pathways to success.

Academic MBAs

Academic MBAs

Wanting to get their students a step ahead in their startup projects.

The Strategy4startup Methodology

Quickly find the best way to succeed!

Strategy4startup: an agile and iterative methodologyDeveloped over twenty-five years of entrepreneurship in environments where extreme market uncertainty is the rule, the Strategy4startup methodology aims to help you find the best pathway to success.

It leads to an iterative global marketing approach, ensuring consistency in the three complementary essentials of a successful strategy:

  • Market positioning—identifying and tackling a market opportunity
  • Product positioning—building the right offering for this opportunity
  • Go-to-market—efficiently reaching users/customers and closing sales

Inherently and fundamentally agile in its conception, it is fully compatible with modern startup practices such as Steve Blank’s Customer Development, Eric Ries’ Lean Startup and Alex Osterwalder's Business Model Canvas.

Don't spend months learning the methodology: you will learn better by doing things yourself for your own business. You can either join our community ou you can take advantage of one of our on-line acceleration programs which will pragmatically lead you towards your business goals.

The Strategy4startup Community

Discuss on startup strategies with other entrepreneurs

LS4S CommunityNo one can succeed alone. Listening, challenging ideas and leveraging others' talent are the key characteristics of successful entrepreneurs.

The best coach of every entrepreneur is another entrepreneur. This is a foundational value of Strategy4startup. We offer a methodology and sharing services for making this vision a reality.

Share (a few) to receive (a lot). Have everyone of us bringing just a bit of his/her talent and experience from time to time, and this is the whole community which definitely grows richer.

The On-line Acceleration Programs

Clarify and validate your strategy as early as possible

Acceleration Programs : the business sprintsBuilt over twenty-five years of experience on hundreds of startup cases, the on-line acceleration programs define step-by-step processes addressing the critical points of your strategy and making sure you are not missing any of them. Each step is called a business sprint and typically can be executed in one week.

You are not left alone: you can choose to work with an experienced coach explaining the tasks to accomplish in each sprint and challenging the results in business sprint reviews. The methodology ensures that you tackle the right questions in the right order and the coach therefore ensures that the resulting strategy does make sense.

You work collaboratively whenever and wherever you want: the acceleration programs are supported by a 365/24/7 on-line environment securely shared with your team and your coach. You work through collaborative Google Documents and video-calls for reviews.

Check which acceleration programs you need:

The Seedtrack Program

To turn an innovative idea into a distinctive market opportunity and unveil its core market targets.

Learn More on Seedtrack

The Launchtrack Program

To (re-) position an innovative product on the market, define its goto market strategy and (re-) launch it.

Learn More on Launchtrack

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